C++ is crucial in software development, providing low-level memory control for performance and supporting object-oriented programming to construct modular, reusable code structures. Consequently, tackling pointer analysis for C++ becomes challenging, given the need to address these two fundamental features. A relatively unexplored research area involves the handling of C++ member function pointers. Previous efforts have tended to either disregard this feature or adopt a conservative approach, resulting in unsound or imprecise results.

C++ member function pointers, handling both virtual (via virtual table indexes) and non-virtual functions (through addresses), pose a significant challenge for pointer analysis due to the mix of integers and pointers, often resulting in unsound or imprecise analysis. We introduce TIPS, the first pointer analysis that effectively manages both pointers and integers, offering thorough support for C++ member function pointers by tracking their value flows. Our evaluation on TIPS demonstrates its accuracy in identifying C++ member function call targets, a task where other tools falter, across fourteen large C++ programs from SPEC CPU, Qt, LLVM, Ninja, and GoogleTest, while maintaining low analysis overhead. In addition, our micro-benchmark suite, complete with ground truth data, allows for precise evaluation of points-to information for C++ member function pointers across various inheritance scenarios, highlighting TIPS’s precision enhancements.