Call for Student Volunteers

Student volunteers play a crucial role in ensuring the success of FSE. They help with everything from registration to local support. Being a student volunteer is an excellent opportunity to meet, interact, and network with leading academic and industrial researchers and practitioners in Software Engineering. Such interactions often help shape the research direction for many students. Being a student volunteer is also a great way to meet other students from all over the world who share your interest in Software Engineering and to reduce some of the costs of the conference.

This exclusive experience is available to undergraduate and graduate students from any country who are enthusiastic and willing to contribute to making ESEC/FSE 2024 a unique experience for all attendees.

Each submission consists of two elements:

  1. An online form filled out by the student:
  2. A letter of recommendation from (one of) the student’s advisors or another faculty member at your institution. The letter should cover your organizational skills, willingness to help, proficiency in English, and anything else to help us select you as a student volunteer. The letter should be submitted in a pdf format, using this form: Please name the submitted file “<StudentFirstName>_<StudentLastName>_FSE2024_SV.pdf”

Both submission elements must be received by April 30, 2024, AOE. Submissions received after this date will not be considered. Notifications will be sent by May 24, 2024.

Note: if you plan to attend the conference regardless of the selection to serve as a student volunteer and would like to use early registration fees to save costs, you should register to the conference by the early registration deadline of May 1st. If you are selected to serve as a student volunteer, the registration fee will be refunded at a later date.


  • Free registration to the main conference.
  • FSE T-Shirt
  • Tickets for lunches during the days you are volunteering, as well as tickets for the FSE 2024 social dinner and reception.
  • Possibility to attend main and pre-conference events on the days that you will be volunteering.
  • A great opportunity to meet and talk about your research with leading academic and industry researchers and other students.
  • Knowing that you played an important part in the conference’s success.
  • A certificate of participation.


Approximately 20 hours of in-person work during the conference week:

  • Registration duties (e.g., setting up, preparing conference bags, and helping attendees register).
  • Technical assistance to speakers and attendees.
  • Providing directions to various locations at the conference location.
  • Checking badges at various halls, including dining halls.
  • Other similar tasks.

Required qualifications

  • Enrolled as a doctoral, master’s, or full-time undergraduate student at the time of the conference.
  • Must be proficient in English and have good social and communication skills.
  • Availability from Jul 15 – Jul 19, 2024 (inclusive). You will be requested to specify in the application form if you are unavailable on any pre- and/or post-conference program days. Not all volunteers will be required during the full time, and we will consider this information during the volunteer selection process.